Friday, April 12, 2013

Artificial fish?

Long ago I was tested for allergies, especially those to fish, both skin reaction and blood reaction was studied. One test showed clear allergic reaction, the other no reaction at all. There was also this repeatedly noticed weird fact, that one day I could eat, say, salmon, the other day I couldn’t. Nevertheless the fish been cooked with the same way exact, and with all the same ingredients. When I argued this to the doctor, he told me:  It might be that you are not allergic to fish itself, but instead to THE FOOD THE FISH HAS EATEN.

For about 10 years I carried out this no-seafood-for-me diet, unwillingly though. Then I started to make tests myself: I bought different fish dishes and ate them with shoulder against hospital wall. Now I have found two fish delights I can eat. Lucky me! But I had been lucky for years as a child. What had happened since?  

Could it be the plastic waste on salmon's diet that I am allergic to?

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