Wednesday, May 15, 2013

There is no end to mankind's money driven madness - USA, we can see you

This Democracy Now's news video teaches us it is legal to abuse farm animals by kicking and slowly strangling them to death in USA. Still, some abuse is considered illegal, but how to expose the abuse happening?

Amy Goodman and her collegue interviewed "Pete", who is a professional exposer of farm animal abuse. He has been doing this by working as an undercover investigator for years. He's taken video footage to show the evidence. Hurray to him!

Article and video here.

However, today the corporate money is lobbying for the so-called Ag-Gag Law which would make the exposition of the abuse illegal - by criminalizing the act of taking footage of surroundings, happenings, and circumstances on a farm. For real. So, if you take a picture of a hog with a strangling metal string around one's neck, you go to prison. This law would protect criminals and criminalize the exposer.

Now, even without the now lobbied law, it is unbearable that any kind of violent abuse is legal. Laws should exist to guide us to ethical behavior, to encourage us to do the right thing, shouldn't they? What is the ethics of this already existing law that enables people treat animals with cruelty? Whose interests would Ag-Gag Law be? And why the h*ll does it take so much effort, time, and battle to lay down laws that benefit both man and her fellow creatures - and most likely the Earth itself? Just think about the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act - is it still waiting to come into force?

Do you see the irony? One can violently abuse animals and nevertheless be seen as a law-abiding citizen. But a person having one smoke of cannabis, the cure and/or the harmless joy, is a villain to be put in jail immediately.

Let us say, you smoke half a cannabis cigarette on Sunday and the next Friday you have a car accident because someone with a hangover bumps into your vehicle. There might probably still be some cannabis byproducts shown on your urine, even though it has no effect on your normal abilities or behavior anymore, and hasn’t had for at least several days. With the zero tolerance policy lobbied by DuPont, you are judged to be "driving under the influence" and so to be punished. Jail away, my friend. 

The Land Of The Free has become a phrase to mean money can practise evil and harmful business freely. Common sense doesn't have a voice anymore. Every sh*t business must be fought against years in court before it can be put to a stop. (If this ever happens.) Yet the seemingly harmful, already existing laws stay in force with corporate money that people have no means to oppose.

No common sense, no decency. Lawyers and corporations get richer, politicians become more corrupted. We the people get sick and jailed.

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